In December 2011 the IFK in Vienna hosted a conference 'Touché. Die magische und technische Evidenz der Medien', to which Bax Art contributed. Gudrun Braunsperger of the Austrian ORF produced the radio program 'Schwarze Löcher der Wissenschaftskultur' in the section 'Dimensionen - die Welt der Wissenschaft' and it was broadcasted on February 14, at 19.05 hrs at Bax Art received special permission to give you free access to the audiostream until June 22.


The opening of the Ben Joppe exhibition, performed by the designer Wim Crouwel, was a great success. A few hundred fans attended the opening with performances by the Amsterdam Chamber Theatre and Rusalki Quartet and with superb sushi from Yatta Sushi. Full report is shown on the Ben Joppe Facebook page.


The intelligent, beautiful and utterly professional social media expert Jennifer Delano brought Ben Joppe back to life through Facebook and Twitter. Discoverhow she crept into the skin of Ben Joppe and created a host of fans!


Recently Jan Stap published a book on 'Mondrian the man'. Not his art, but his character and social life is the main focus, with totally new information on Mondrian's youth in Winterswijk.
Jan Stap donated his documentation and images exclusively to TheArtArchives for study by others. Many thanks! The files will be uploaded soon.
TheArtArchives recently posted a new portion of the membership list of the Theosophical Society. Now the period 1875-1915 is available, covering nearly 58.000 members. A valuable source for genealogy, art history and social history!


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