Membership list Theosophical Society 1905-1915 online

On January 1, 1915 the Theosophical Society registered its 57.762th member at the headquarters in Adyar, India.The popularity of the society had increased immensely. More people joined the society in this decade compared to the 30-year period 1875-1905.

Many new countries are now represented, e.g. Hungary, Finland, Cuba, Egypt, Tasmania, Mauritius, Russia, South-Africa, Greece, Turkey. And the first Japanese member registered.


All 57.761 members can now be studied at TheArtArchives


The list shows a colorful bunch of people: Karl Wolfskehl, Piet Mondrian, Yiddu Krishnamurti, Christian Morgenstern, Fritz von Herzmanovsky, Ada Fuller, Emily Lutyens, Ely Star, Ananda Coomaraswamy, Marie Langen-von Strachwitz, Countess Maria Radziwill, Baroness Maya Knoop, Henri Soubeyran de Saint-Prix and Prince Mohamed Riza Khan.

Behind every name is a story, sometimes with a surprising twist. Today the story of the Lithuanian Count Maurycy Prozor

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