February 19 - March 31, 2008
The Brand New 2008 art project has been organized for the fifth consecutive year with cooperation from Bangkok University Gallery, Chulalongkorn University Art Centre, and Tadu Contemporary Art. The Brand New Project aims to encourage the new generation artists to express themselves through their solo exhibitions without any compulsory themes or framework. This project also focuses on exchanging art enthusiasts and audiences among the collaborating galleries and developing a cooperative network of the contemporary galleries in Bangkok.

The project is supported by the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry of Culture and The Royal Netherlands Embassy, Thailand. This year an Amsterdam-based curator, Ms. Marianne Maasland, is invited to select the artists for this exhibition. This year, seven talented artists were selected to participate in the Brand New 2008.
Artists :
Theerawat Maysasitthivit
Supapong Laodheerasiri
Orawan Arunrak
Krit Ngamsom
Naruemon Padsamran
Prateep Suthathongthai
Wasan Thitisakul


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